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Why pay for testing features you don’t need?

JOT Solution Manager, Risto Toljamo, explains how the G5 and G5 plus can bring greater testing flexibility and better product handling to your production line.

Risto, we know how well the all-in-one JOT G3 Final Tester performs in demanding mass-production manufacturing environments. What can we expect from the new G5?

Similar to the G3 Final Tester, the G5 offers fully automated testing of mechanical, RF, electrical, audio, and video interfaces. But because we work so closely with our customers, we learned that many of them had a need for a larger PSP. As a result, the G5 features a larger working area, more space to fit more products, and larger products.

Manufacturers also wanted more and varied testing options so we built that in too. Giving our customers greater testing flexibility helps them avoid paying for test features they don’t need. That makes the G5 not only a more adaptable option, it makes it a more cost-effective one too. So if you need more space, speed, performance, reliability, and better testing flexibility, the JOT G5 is the tester for you.


You mentioned speed. How does the G5 accelerate testing?

The G5 features an innovative robotic tool changer that both simplifies and speeds up testing. The smart tools give manufacturers the exact product testing capabilities they need – from measuring brightness to sound quality, and much more – and the improved robotic movement provides the faster and more reliable performance, even in the most demanding production lines. Think of the G5 as the tester with a tool belt.


What can we expect as far as product life goes?

Product life is an important factor for any business watching their bottom line. JOT’s proven, flexible modular design offers the most economical way to scale up testing quickly and easily. JOT modularity means that products can be reused, thus ensuring a longer product life. At JOT we’re all for making testing as reliable, efficient, and economical as possible. And helping you get more out of every product is always easier on your budget.


Why does the G5 have two test chamber options?

Our job is to find new ways to make production lines work more efficiently. For those who need more manual testing, we have a test chamber with a hatch, similar to the G3. And while the hatch version can facilitate automated testing too, we have the second option that features a sliding door which makes automated testing even easier. Customers can also choose from two conveyor size options, plus an optional accessory for automated product feeding.

Manufacturers also like the G5’s space-saving footprint design, improved energy consumption, and customizable applications. And of course the G5’s software interface is user friendly and easy to integrate.

As you can see, the G5 is a lean, mean testing machine. Lean because it’s designed to save you money by giving you only the testing options you need. Mean because it’s faster, smarter, and it has a bigger PSP, giving you more flexibility and more space to test more products. Plus, like all reliable JOT products, the G5 is built to last.

Still, every manufacturer has their own unique needs. That’s why JOT wants to hear from you. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to Risto and he’ll be happy to assist.


What can you test with the JOT G5?

  • Bluetooth headphones, connectivity testing
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • VR/AR glasses
  • Mobile devices
  • Large digital tablets
  • Audio products
  • Touchscreens
  • Home appliance modules/consoles
  • Digital interface testing
  • Media players
  • GPS devices
  • Smart watches
  • Automotive entertainment systems
  • Drone controllers
  • Devices with digital cameras
  • Medical devices
  • RF devices
  • NFC testing
  • IOT devices


G5 Test function highlights

  • RF measurements
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Optical testing
  • Audio measurements
  • Camera testing with lights and targets
  • Display & touch testing by vision camera and test fingers
  • Buttons testing
  • Power
  • Operating systems
  • Energy management testing
  • Data and communication interfaces testing
  • Multimedia interfaces testing
  • Inspections
  • Sensor testing
  • Gyroscopes
  • And much more


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