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Contact information

JOT Automation Headquarters

JOT Automation Ltd.
Nuottasaarentie 5
90400 Oulu, Finland

Tel: +358 40 301 5000


Salo, Finland
JOT Automation Ltd.

Bluelec Ltd.
Satamakatu 38
FI-24100 Salo, Finland

Tallinn, Estonia

Kaabli 11
EE-10112 Tallinn, Estonia

Stockholm, Sweden
JOT Automation Sweden Filial

Fredsgatan 2A
17233, Sundbyberg, Sweden 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
JOT Automation GmbH

Lyoner Straße 15
60528, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

JOT Automation Kft.

Régi Veszprémi út 7.
9028 Györ

Beijing, China
JOT Automation Beijing Ltd.

Building A, Da Chen Park
10 Jingyuan Street, BDA
Beijing 100176


Shenzhen, China
JOT Automation (Beijing) Ltd. Shenzhen Branch 

23-1, Long hua Xin Qu Fucheng Dasan Shequ Dasan Cun, Hongguan Tech Park, Shenzhen 

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Invoicing address in Finland

JOT Automation Oy, OVT: 003715263049

Bluelec Oy, OVT: 003714935130

Operator: PAGERO 003723609900

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