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Notification channel for JOT Automation

Via this channel, you can report any suspected breaches or unethical conduct.

Guidelines for Notification Channel Procedures at JOT Automation

At JOT Automation, our goal and approach is to develop a business that is open, transparent, responsible and ethically sustainable. Our most important source of information are our customers and employees, and we want to encourage all of our stakeholders to speak up and raise concerns when necessary. It is important that everyone reports any suspected violations of Code of Conduct that is not in accordance with our principles, values, applicable legislation ​or guidelines. All violations that are reported in good faith will be investigated and necessary, corrective actions are taken.

Protection of rights and privacy

Our notification channel is a channel where you can send reports anonymously. We are committed to protecting the privacy and rights of all individuals who are reporting. The identity of the notifier will be kept anonymous throughout the process and will not be disclosed to the person named in the notification, or to any other person. No retaliation will be imposed on the notifier. It is not acceptable to knowingly make a false accusation, however.

Privacy Policy for the notification channel


The purpose of this notification channel is to ensure a confidential channel where JOT employees and other stakeholders may express concerns or suspicions about something that violates our applicable legislation, principles of good business practice, values ​​or guidelines, and may have serious consequences for our company, our customers, partners or individuals.

If you, as a JOT Automation employee, suspect a violation or misconduct, or have any questions, please primarily contact your supervisor, HR function, or the CEO. However, if you feel uncomfortable and want to submit your report anonymously, please use the link to the notification channel found below.

Processing of notifications

When a report is received, we will try to confirm the receipt of the notification through the channel within 7 days from submission. After that, we will inform you within 3 months about what measures we have taken on the basis of the notification.

To provide anonymous feedback on potential misconduct, violations on code of conduct or any other misbehaviour, please use the link below to submit a report.

» Link to the notification channel