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The JOT M5 Test Handler makes production easier. We put JOT Solution Manager, Mika Puttonen, to the test and discovered there’s plenty to like about the new JOT M5 Test Handler.

We’re familiar with the M1 and M10, but what inspired the creation of the M5?

At JOT, we do make machines, but essentially every one of those machines is a solution that our customers needed to improve and simplify their production processes. And that’s exactly why we designed the M5. Our customers needed a test handler that could accommodate wider and longer smart products so we found a way to make that happen. Our customers needed a test solution that is easily scalable based on test needs of that time.

Does the M5 use a different test box than the M1?

That’s the beauty of the modular M-TestSystem. The M5 utilizes the same reusable M-TestBoxes as the M1, making it a flexible and cost-effective choice for small to medium-sized companies. We learned early that our customers’ testing needs were always changing, so we made a collaborative effort to design a truly scalable system that could meet bigger and different production demands.

Who can benefit most from buying the M5?

The M5 offers the simplest way to automate PCB testing. While the M1 is great for lower volume needs or for companies who are just getting started, the M5 is perfect for high-mix and high-volume testing. It’s fast, efficient, and affordable, and it can really benefit any company that has both a high production volume and high labour costs.

How about product handling, can the M5 pull its weight?

Our customers can’t survive without fast, reliable product handling, and that’s another place where the M5 really shines. The M5 adjusts itself automatically to different product dimensions, which means there's no need for product-specific gripper adjustment or change. The M5 has two conveyor options: PCB or pallet conveyor. The M5 makes modifying your production line easier because changing fixtures is a snap.

Can you explain how the M5 is “Smarter by design”?

Customers can ramp up their production testing with off-line test box and use the M1 when production volumes are still relatively low.  An M5 and many M5s can be added to work with existing M1s for higher volumes. The M5 also has an integrated fail buffer as an option, making fail product handling reliable and cost effective. Last but not least, the M5 has many smart and innovative solutions implemented, some of them patent protected.

Where does the M5 fit in a production line?

Anywhere. If the M5 is anything, it’s accommodating. It has a space-saving footprint. And, like all JOT products, it has an ergonomic design that facilitates quick-adjust ease for test operators.  Plus there are no product-specific parts. The M5 not only offers room to work, it offers room to grow.


So there you have it. The M5 is one impressive machine. But you probably have your own questions, so feel free to reach out to Mika and he’ll be happy to help in any way that he can.

M5 Test Handler Highlights

  • Simple, cost-effective way to automate PCB testing
  • Safe, reliable product handling
  • Quick-adjust ease: no product-specific parts
  • Enables faster handling of larger and wider smart products
  • Industry 4.0 autonomous interconnectivity
  • Flexible rack customization options
  • Truly scalable to suit growing testing needs
  • Fully automated in-line or off-line use
  • Reusable, fully independent
  • Pass-Fail product separation
  • Spacious service-friendly construction
  • Ergonomic touchscreen UI
  • Easy start-stop operability
  • M-TestBoxes may be used in M1 Handlers or manually without an automated test handler

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Further information:

Mika Puttonen, Product Manager
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