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All-in-one fully automated, fast and precise solution for rapid test kit assembly

In response to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, JOT Automation Ltd has developed a compact assembly cell for automated rapid test kit manufacturing. Based on the high-performing V4 and JOT IDeA cells, the JOT Rapid Test Assembly station is a fast and precise solution with quick payback and lead time. The assembly station is capable of a stable 30 products-per-minute (PPM) output.

The compact footprint enables quick setup and flexibility in either offline or inline configurations with the ability to singulate, assemble, print and inspect lateral flow tests. The Rapid Test Assembly station’s high and stable production quality is ensured by its smart modular design. It is equipped with a strip cutter and a magazine or a bowl feeder for quick strip feeding. The assembly station can be equipped with machine vision guidance to ensure consistent and proper quality.

The JOT Rapid Test Assembly station is perfect for e.g.:

  • Rapid Test assembly
  • Lateral flow test kit assembly
  • Diagnostic test kit assembly
  • Cassette assembly for test kits

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Further information: 
Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director, +358 400 181 300,

JOT Automation Ltd.