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Oulu, Finland - JOT Automation, a global provider of automated production and testing solutions, has announced the release of its latest product, the M12 Test Handler. The M12 Test Handler is designed to automate the handling of PCBs during the testing process, providing an efficient and flexible solution for high-volume and high-mix testing environments.

The M12 Test Handler has been engineered with the latest technology and features to meet the growing demands of the electronics industry. With its fast and reliable, patented handling system, the M12 Test Handler can accommodate up to 12 5U test boxes, enabling significant increases in production. With its modular design, the M12 Test Handler can be configured to handle various test application requirements, making it an ideal solution for automated test handling.

"The M12 Test Handler is a game-changer for high-volume and high-mix testing environments," said Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales and Marketing Director at JOT Automation. "We have drawn on our extensive experience in automated production solutions to create a product that can meet the rigorous demands of the electronics industry. The M12 Test Handler is an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution that will significantly improve our customers' testing processes."

The M12 Test Handler is equipped with the standard JOT M Test Boxes, capable of accommodating test applications such as RF testing, functional testing, in-circuit testing, and programming. With up to 12 test boxes equipped with different types of fixtures, the test handler can achieve a true zero-second setup time. The M12 also offers full interchangeability and independence when using manual test boxes, making the shift from prototype testing to fully automated inline testing instantaneous.

The M12 Test Handler is the latest addition to JOT Automation's line of innovative automated solutions. JOT Automation has been an industry leader in the field for over 30 years, providing cutting-edge solutions to some of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.

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About JOT Automation:

JOT Automation is a global leader in test, production & custom automation solutions, with a focus on the electronics industry. With over 30 years of experience, JOT Automation has a proven track record of delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that help their customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality.