G5 Final Tester

Fully customizable, simple and scalable all-in-one product-level testing platform.

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Modular. Scalable. Flexible.

Introducing the JOT G5 Final Tester, the all-in-one product-level testing platform built for your specific testing needs. And that doesn’t mean the G5 has so many features that you’re sure to find the ones you need. It means the G5 can literally be produced per your specific testing requirements. JOT’s proven modular design thinking can always be traced back to our customers’ wishes. It’s all about making testing as reliable, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. And making sure you don’t pay for features you don’t need is always easier on the budget.

The fully customizable G5 Final Tester can be produced for RF, Audio & RF, and Vision test environments. Plus, there are two tester versions available: a test chamber with a hatch that’s helpful for manual test operation, and a test chamber with a slide that’s easier for automated testing.

The testing features you need. None of the ones you don't.

Fully customizable testing

RF, Audio & RF (Hybrid), Vision test environments, the G5 does it all

Reliable testing, on your terms

Prefer manual or automated testing? Choose the G5 version that best suits your specific needs

Fast and adaptable

The G5 active robot tool quickly performs multiple tests in a single platform

JOT G5 Final Tester

Maximal testing capacity. Minimal footprint design. Major production line win.

JOT G5 Final Tester-1
JOT G5 Final Tester-2
JOT G5 Final Tester-3
JOT G5 Final Tester-4

The G5 is an excellent solution for:

  • RF testing
  • Audio testing
  • Camera testing with lights and targets
  • Display & touch testing by vision camera and test fingers
  • Buttons testing
  • Energy management testing
  • Data and communication interfaces testing
  • Multimedia interfaces testing
  • Inspections (e.g. keypad lights & symbols)
  • Sensors testing
  • And much more

The tester with a tool belt.

Another great feature of the G5 is its innovative robot tool magazine and sensor, which are active tools that simplify, and speed up, the execution of multiple concurrent tests in a single platform. Throw in a space-saving footprint design and a shielded audio test chamber, and you have a tester that provides exceptional and repeatable performance testing in the most demanding manufacturing lines.

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» G5 Final Tester Datasheet 

» Product Manager interview

Standard features
  • Ethernet for the tester control
  • RF-shielded chamber
  • Sliding door for product handling
    › Possibility for robot feeding
  • Integrated ADC/DAC for analog signal analyzing, signal generation and DC-measurements
  • Easy software integration with RESTful API and open source client implementations with .NET/C#, python and LabVIEW
  • Performance statics and service counter for machine maintenance
  • Platform independent Test Sequencer integration
  • CE-safety compliant
Optional features
  • Audio isolation
  • Vision test enviroment
  • Configurable PSP interface
  • Cartesian Robot with x-, y-, and z-axels
    ›› Support intrerpolation
    ›› Support tool changer functionality
    ›› Active and passive tools
    ›› Active and passive tool magazine
    ›› Different tools according customer needs
  • Possibility to add camera for Vision inspection
  • General interface for External Data
  • Acquisition (DAQ) Card for signal
  • generation and analyzing
  • External Data Acquisition (DAQ) Card for signal generation and analyzing
    ›› General Interface
  • DUT Interfaces:
    ›› RF lines
    ›› GigE Ethernet
    ›› USB 3.0 with USB Type-C functionality
    ›› HDMI
    ›› Expanded according customer requirements
  • Integrated Power supply
    ›› Up to four isolated high current output voltages
    ›› Precision current measurement, source and sink
  • Instrument Rack
    ›› 11 U space for 19" instument

JOT G5 Final Tester product video

A final tester built to accommodate larger smart devices? Now that’s smart.

We built the G5 Final Tester to accommodate the biggest smart devices manufactured today. The G5 is also modular and thus easily scalable, giving manufacturers even greater testing flexibility. Simply put, the G5 offers the smartest, fastest, and most reliable and cost-effective solution available.

“Our clients are the world's leading smart product manufacturers. They make the devices that we all rely on every day. They come to us with a vision, or they’re facing a production or cost challenge, and we design and build a solution that exceeds their expectations. That's how we designed and built the G5, and our solution is already helping manufacturers work faster and more efficiently.” - Risto Toljamo, Product Manager


The all-in-one modular, fully-customizable final tester.

Learn more about the final tester that makes final testing easy and flexible. Click to download the datasheet for more detailed product specifications.