JOT Battery Test Solution

High-volume, high-accuracy battery testing with powerful AI inspection features

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Introducing a fully customizable turnkey testing solution for EV battery manufacturers

Once again JOT Automation sets the industry standard with its innovative Battery Test solution – a fully complete, turnkey EV battery cell test solution for system manufacturers – that can be tailored precisely to each customer’s requirements and preferences. The solution's unique modular design – the hallmark of all JOT products – together with its array of options for sophisticated applications, makes it one of the most comprehensive battery test systems on the market. 

The JOT Battery Assembly Solution can also accommodate separate applications at different phases for both the testing of individual battery cells and for complete battery packs (modules) and complete battery systems (multiple module boxes).

The multifunctional AOI system accurately detects surface defects, and measures the exact dimensions, diameter and weight of battery cells. The high-precision machine vision test equipment combines multiple 2D and 3D tests to perform real-time monitoring, data collection and analysis, and control for the early sorting of defective cells. 

From incoming battery cell material check & verification to electrical tests, quality assurance and fail-product sorting, the fully customizable JOT Battery Test solution can easily be integrated into your existing factory lines or deployed as a standalone, all-in-one battery test solution.

High-grade testing solution for prismatic, cylindrical and pouch batteries

Tailor-made, end-to-end testing

Fully customisable per your every requirement

AI-powered optical inspection

Advanced machine learning for reliability and quality assurance

Production powerhouse

High-speed performance ready for full-scale production

JOT Battery Test Solution

You manufacture the power. We bring the speed and precision.

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If it’s a JOT solution, you know it’s designed to be both accurate and scalable. And the JOT Battery Test solution is no different with its high-precision machine vision and customizable, high-speed testing that can be scaled up to suit your ever-growing production needs. But that’s only part of the story. Check out the following EV battery testing features to see why the JOT Battery Test solution can be the fully complete, turnkey solution for your production line.

Key product features:

  • Cell and battery module-level testing
  • High-speed test cycles supporting high-volume production requirements
  • Incoming material verification 
  • Rust, contamination & defect validation with optical inspection: surface dents, dirt, stains, damage and other defects
  • Dimension, diameter & length validation
  • Highly accurate electrical tests including OCV, DCIR and ACIR 
  • Automatic fail / pass sorting
  • Configurable cell mapping 
  • Advanced real-time statistics and analytics
  • Integrated incoming and outgoing conveyors


» Watch the JOT Battery Test Solution in action
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Designed for precision. And for growth.

EV battery manufacturers require fast, precise testing at every stage of their production line and that’s exactly what the JOT Battery Test Solution provides. And like all JOT testing products, the JOT Battery Test solution's modular design gives you fully customisable testing capabilities, meaning you won’t pay for test features you don’t need. JOT modularity also gives you the flexibility to scale up whenever you need to.

"This is the most comprehensive all-in-one testing & assembly solution for EV batteries on the market" - Samuli Hietala, solution manager


Knowledge is power. Especially when you manufacture batteries.

Learn what makes the JOT Battery Test solution the industry’s most capable EV battery testing solution. Click to download our datasheet for more detailed product specifications.