JOT Air Leak Tester-1
JOT Air Leak Tester-2

JOT Air Leak Tester

Fast & cost-effective waterproof test platform

JOT Automation Air Leak Tester is an all-in-one platform designed for demanding air and waterproof (IP68 & ATM) testing needs. The Air Leak Tester is optimal for testing consumer and professional products such as smartphones, smartwatches, fitness equipment and electronic modules.

Thanks to its modular design, the Air Leak Tester is a versatile, flexible and customizable test platform. It supports up to 16 test nests which can run different product tests simultaneously. The Air Leak tester can be easily scaled to meet high volume needs as well. 

Key features
  • Fully automatic testing with fast test cycles
  • Stand alone and in-line capability
  • Automatic DUT error detection
  • Adjustable pressing force
  • Simultaneous multiple product testing
  • Independent, product-specific test chambers
  • Easy adaptation for different product testing
  • Supports up to 16 test nests
  • Real time data analysis
  • IP68 Testing
  • ATM resistance testing
Standard features
  • Quick and easy air and waterproof testing platform
  • One and four test nests versions
  • ESD-safe design
  • CE-safety compliance
Optional features
  • Expandable test nests (1 to 16 nests)
  • Multiple test chambers