Board Handling 620 Series

When manufacturers go big, JOT handles it. Our new 620 series board handling series is designed to meet the demanding needs of big PCB handling.

From telecommunication base stations to automotive displays to LED lighting, consumer and power electronics manufacturers are utilizing bigger PCB boards to accommodate their products’ heavier components and complex applications. That’s why they turn to JOT Automation for material handling and assembly solutions that keep manufacturing lines moving.

With decades of dependable manufacturing experience built into it, plus exceptional service, fast lead times, and the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, the new, bigboard ready JOT 620 material handling series is fast becoming the new industry standard.

Our solutions include e.g. segmented conveyors with integrated inspection, transfer conveyors, turn units with the L, T, X function, shuttle gates, lift units, bare board unstackers, magazine buffers, FIFO buffers, line loaders and unloaders.

Optional features
  • Transport direction right to left
  • Other than SMEMA interface if requested
  • Motorized or line width adjustment
Key features
  • Capability to offer always 100% optimized solution based on world-class production process know-how
  • 620mm width capability for big board needs
  • Portfolio covers 100% of material handling needs
  • 100% modularity enables easy configurations (line speed, width and height)
  • Product lifetime +25 years
Standard features
  • Width series 620
  • Conveyor speed adjustable 0.5 – 12m/min (configurable double speed in infeed or outfeed)
  • PWB conveyor track width adjustment by hand wheel
  • Conveyor track height 950mm (+/- 25mm)
  • Conveyor fixed edge in front
  • SMEMA electrical interface
  • CE-safety compliant
  • ESD-safe design
Segmented Conveyor 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Transports and buffers PWBs between process machines
  • Easy mechanical connection to other equipment
  • Safe, clean design with no visible motors or wiring
  • Multiple-drive technology 
Shuttle Gate 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Allows personnel traffic through long production lines 
  • Functions as a conveyor
  • Fully automatic hands-free operation 
  • Can be used to compensate changes in line length
In-line Workstation 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Versatile adjustments 
  • Large range of optional accessories
  • Buffer-work-buffer configuration 
  • Fully integrated with conveyor track
Board Inverter 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Turns PWBs for top and bottom side processing 
  • Handles boards with tall components
  • Motorized turn movement
FIFO Buffer 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Increases production line throughput by balancing material flow 
  • Flexibility between automatic and manual work phases
  • Selectable FIFO and LIFO operation 
  • Cycle time less than 10 seconds
  • Small footprint Configurable cooling time
Unstacker 620
Data sheet
  • 620 Series
  • Automatically feeds boards from a stack onto a production line 
  • Uninterrupted loading on fly
  • Non-vacuum design 
  • Pass through function