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For over three decades, JOT Automation has produced some of the most reliable and high-performing solutions for production automation and testing needs. With our help, billions of products have been manufactured over the years, with many of the original machines still running to this day. 

In line with our updated strategy, we now offer custom automation and production line solutions for our customers in addition to our standardized products, and have a separate business unit assigned to better meet the customer needs across a variety of industries. This includes custom turnkey solutions built for specific customer requirements, from design to delivery and from single products to entire production lines. 

Our cornerstones in custom automation success rely on solution concepting and design, program planning and management as well as on scalable delivery and on-site support. 

Jani Mäntylä  is the director of the Solutions Business Unit.

"We are excited about the possibilities custom automation offers. In a way, this is a return to our roots, as it all started from custom turnkey solutions in the early years. With this business unit, we are aiming to building the best solutions for our customers." 

Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director.


For more information on our custom automation solutions, contact Jani or Mikko. 

Jani Mäntylä
Director, Solutions Business Unit
+358 40 5858 471

Mikko Kannelsuo 
Sales & Marketing Director 
+358 400 181 300