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JOT Automation, a leading manufacturing automation provider for several industries including automotive, EV, power and consumer electronics, and energy storage, has received a new order worth over 4.5 million euros from a leading global provider of energy storage solutions. The order, expected to realize still in 2022, is an integral part of automating the assembly and testing processes at one of the customer’s key manufacturing sites.

With energy storage solutions booming together with EV and renewable energy industries, manufacturing automation adoption is expected to increase in the short term over the next couple of years. As a turnkey production line solution provider, JOT Automation is able to help companies automate their manufacturing processes and consequently increase throughput, quality standards, and overall performance in manufacturing. In addition to these advantages, customers utilizing JOT Automation’s solutions also enjoy the added benefit of increased sustainability in their production, with this particular delivery having built-in recyclability features by default.

“In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in these soaring industries, customers are seeking for high-performing solutions to automate their production as cost-efficiently and easily as possible. With JOT’s wide experience from more than 3 decades, customers are provided with hundreds of years of collective know-how in manufacturing automation that is adapted to these new industries,” stated Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director.