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Oulu, Finland - July 18, 2024 – JOT Automation, a leading global provider of manufacturing automation solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its product portfolio through the strategic acquisition of EID Robotics Modular Microfactory IPRs. This acquisition marks another significant milestone in JOT Automation's growth strategy and commitment to delivering innovative solutions to its global customer base.

As part of the acquisition, Paavo Käkelä, former CEO of EID Robotics, has joined JOT Automation within the Sales & Marketing department. Paavo will spearhead the global sales and marketing initiatives for the Modular Microfactory cells. His new role will be based in Oulu, Finland, and he will report to Sales and Marketing Director Markus Honkala.

"The Modular Microfactory Concept is the culmination of continuous development over the past eight years. However, the concept is still evolving and requires ongoing refinement to align with JOT Automation’s future vision for the Microfactory Concept. Overall, this strategic acquisition will help us deliver better and more innovative solutions for our customers", commented Paavo Käkelä.

"We're really excited to welcome the Modular Microfactory concept to the JOT Automation family. This acquisition is a big step forward for us, allowing us to expand and improve our product offerings. By joining forces, we can provide even more innovative automation solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers worldwide. We're looking forward to the new opportunities this brings and a successful future together", Arto Kinnunen, CEO of JOT Automation adds.

The Modular Microfactory Concept offers several advantages over traditional custom-made automation projects, including:

  • Reduced Delivery Time: Basic modules can be purchased shortly after receiving the customer purchase order, allowing for the assembly of basic modules to commence while application design is still in progress.
  • Streamlined Design: The primary design focus is on customer-specific applications since the basic modules are pre-developed as a "product."
  • Efficient Assembly: The modular structure facilitates efficient assembly and ramp-up, as each module or cell can be individually assembled and tested.
  • Quick Installation: Short installation and ramp-up times at customer premises.
  • Flexibility: The modular concept provides the flexibility to update the production line based on future customer needs.

About JOT Automation

JOT Automation is a global leader in providing advanced manufacturing and testing solutions for the automotive, battery, and electronics industries. With over three decades of expertise, JOT Automation has established itself as a trusted partner to leading companies worldwide, offering innovative and customized solutions that improve efficiency, quality, and productivity in the production process. With a strong focus on automation, robotics, and technological expertise, JOT Automation is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technologies and outstanding customer service to meet the evolving needs of key manufacturing industries.


For more information, please contact:

Arto Kinnunen
CEO, JOT Automation