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ABB's channel partner JOT Automation implemented a unique assembly line for ABB Smart Power's new switching product. The two-phase project continues with a high-speed line.

ABB's switchgear product line for the building industry had reached the end of its life cycle and a replacement, a new generation, more energy-efficient version of the same size was ready. ABB Smart Power, which manufactures switchgear products in Vaasa, needed an assembly line tailored to the product. The life cycle of the line was estimated at 25 years, so reliability is extremely important for such a long-term investment.

JOT Automation was chosen as the supplier, as we already had previous experience in Vaasa. The technical solutions offered by JOT were the key factor in the final selection. "This is the second assembly line we have done together with JOT. They have been able to develop exactly the right and efficient technical solution," says Juha Sohlberg, Project Manager at ABB Smart Power.


ABB robots also work on the 16-cell assembly line, which includes a lot of automation and equipment.


"JOT Automation's great technical expertise made for an outstanding solution," says Jani Keränen, Production Manager at ABB Smart Power.

The first of two lines delivered

The assembly line is delivered in two parts, with the first being a line for larger frame sizes. JOT sourced the necessary robots from ABB Robotics and designed the mechanical and electrical engineering of the line in Oulu, from where it was transferred to Vaasa. The large assembly line produces eight different types of switches. "The challenge was variation, how to design a solution capable of assembling different products efficiently without changing any tools," says Timo Juntunen, Program Manager at JOT Automation.

Now everything has been designed in a way that the line can handle all variants by just changing the software for each product. The acceptance tests were carried out before Christmas, after which JOT carried out some fine-tuning and training.

"This is a 16-cell, complex assembly line with a lot of automation and equipment, which has been tuned to run really well," says ABB’s Sohlberg. The production of the switches will be fast-cycle and the manufacturing volumes will be large when the line starts full production in spring 2024.

The project will continue

Now that the first line has been proven to excel, design work on a more challenging and much faster line is in full swing. "The milestones are good because we now have a lot of important lessons learned for the next phase to improve upon," says Tomi Kyllönen, Global Account Manager at JOT Automation.

The entire project is expected to be delivered by the end of the year. "When the smaller frame size line is completed, we will have a full product variation and portfolio for sales and manufacturing," says ABB Smart Power’s Production Manager Jani Keränen.

Both parties are pleased with the results of the collaboration. "We have grown together with the project," says JOT's Kyllönen. "The customer relationship and cooperation with ABB Smart Power has been outstanding because we are driven by a common goal."


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