ABOUT JOT Automation

World-class turnkey production & test automation solutions provider.

We are an experienced and reliable partner and supplier for leading electronics manufacturers in automotive, power electronics and consumer goods industries, Several Fortune 500 technology companies rely on our automated test and assembly solutions to ensure product quality, improve designs, reduce operational costs and shorten their products’ time-to-market.

In addition to our standard product portfolio targeted for various phases of electronics manufacturing processes, we provide world-class custom turnkey automation solutions based on our wide industry experience that enables us to create the best value with high-performance and thoroughly optimized designs.

JOT Automation is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, since it was established in 1988 and has currently global presence in 11 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 


Why Automation

With our solutions, global consumer brands can aim for 100 % quality, design finer products, shorten the time-to-market and lower operational costs in a sustainable manner.

  • Manufacturing volumes increase
  • More functionalities in smaller form factors
  • Time-to-market is critical
  • Consumers expect better quality with lower costs
  • Labor costs rise rapidly in Asia


2 000 000 000+

Products and devices that have been assembled or tested with JOT equipment.

1 000+

Custom design stations delivered in a single 12-month project.

10 000+

Cumulative number of automation equipment manufactured, commissioned and serviced.

50 000+

Cumulative number of test fixtures manufactured, commissioned and serviced.

60 000 000+

Value of all time biggest project in euros. Fully automated assembly, test and packaging solutions for greenfield mobile phone factory.


Number of Global 2000 companies as customers including several Fortune 500 technology companies.

"The company offering fully automatic tests is best positioned to achieve higher success over other participants in this highly competitive market."

Frost & Sullivan

How we work

To who
Long-term partner
For the most innovative companies
Solutions provider
Roadmapping together with customers
Solutions based on modules
Investing in own R&D
Global service provider
Supply chain for large deployments, local services globally