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Test Components and Fixtures

High reliability for high-volume production. Product-specific parts and fixtures, the components of success.

Top-of-the-line connectivity components and test modules for the cost-effective verification of product interfaces in artificial test environments. Standardized and durable solutions are suitable for high volume production and optimized for JOT test platforms.

The portfolio covers a wide range of testing applications. Take as an example multiband, dual-band WLAN, GPS RF and Bluetooth antenna couplers; microphone, speaker box, hearing aid coil, vibra sensor and LED test units; SIM card, Micro-SD, USB, HDMI and LAN test connectors or capacitive touch-screen fingers.

Key features
  • Standardized modules and connectors
  • Durability for production testing
  • Long lifetime
  • High accuracy
  • Easy integration to the artificial test environment
  • Applicable with numerous applications and all smart device types
  • Optimized for JOT product platforms
  • Suitable for high volume production and R&D test environments alike
Standard features
  • Designed to meet electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements
  • RoHS compliant