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Product Identification

Flexibility and modularity for product traceability and faulty product separation in fast-moving mass manufacturing.

Fully automated code reading, product traceability and faulty product separation for in-line use. The modular JOT scanner and fail separation units are compatible with different types of code readers like 2D, 3D, RFID and product variations, allowing them to easily adapt to various test line configurations.

The machine functionality can be easily adjusted to current needs and fine-tuned for future needs. Additionally, new products can be configured off-line and imported to a production line machine, minimizing production stops. Up to 200 different products can be configured and saved, making product changeover extremely fast, just 10-20 seconds.

Key features
  • Compatible with different types of code readers and product variations
  • Easily adaptable to various test line configurations
  • Simple expandable base platform
  • Machine functionality adjustable to future needs
  • Fast product changeovers
  • Minimizing production stops by off-line configuration of new products
Standard features
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Conveyor with pneumatic stopper
  • Automatic or manual track width adjustment
  • Configurable transport direction
Optional features
  • Axis: Single X-Y, dual X-Y (top and bottom)
  • Pneumatic lift modules (internal or external)
  • Return conveyor