JOT V4 Assembly Cell-1
JOT V4 Assembly Cell-2

JOT V4 Assembly Cell

Precise. Reusable. Fast return of investment.

The desktop cell, meeting high accuracy and capacity requirements, speeds up the precision assembly of small, performance-critical components. With the lean solution, the assembly of cameras, microphones, speakers, touch screens and vibras is made reliable and easy, no special operator skills are needed.

The most suitable modules can be flexibly picked to current use. The reusability of the platform is close to 90 per cent, allowing machine functionality to be easily fine-tuned for future assembly and volume needs. Furthermore, the cell is applicable to dozens of other use cases, like tapes and gaskets assembly, vision-based component testing, screw inserting and dispensing.

The scalable JOT V4 can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a part of a fully automated production line. Both in-line and off-line versions are available, and it fits all factory layouts due to its numerous feeding options and minimal footprint of 0.35 m². 

Key features
  • Precise and fast process
  • Quick payback and lead times
  • Reusability of platform close to 90%
  • Based on standard modules
  • Stable production quality
  • Minimal footprint (0.35 m²)
  • Swift product changes
  • Easy new product implementation
  • In line and off line versions available
  • Material feeding from any side
  • Fitting to all factory layouts by numerous feeding options
  • Easily customized according to customer requirements
  • Adaptable for different assembly and volume needs
  • Applicable for dozens of applications
Standard features
  • Mini scara robot
  • Feeder interfaces: Mini trays and tape, bulk and bowl feeders
  • ESD-safe design
  • CE-safety compliant
Optional features
  • Touch screen user interface with real time status information
  • Machine vision (up to 4 cameras)