Can your test handler handle what the JOT M1 Test Handler handles?

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It may be a mouthful but it's a question worth asking.

Whether you’re looking to expand production or maximize efficiency in your existing assembly lines, The JOt M1 Test Handler makes automation easy. It also provides the industry's maximal modular testing capacity and the smallest footprint available today.

Together with the M–TestSystem that’s designed to support and optimize system scalability, you’ll have fast, reliable testing solutions that are easily adaptable to a variety of production requirements. Simply put, no other testing system gets reliable products to market faster. After all, we’re called JOt – “Just on Time” – for a reason.

Born to Test – Here’s what makes this handler a JOT handler.

Endless modularity

Forget the 'one-and-done' testing limitattion of other handlers. The m1 offers reusability, modularity and reliability.

Automation made easy

Ideal for 1-3 test scenarios. Plus the ability to expand without extending your production line.

Scalability for smarter growth

Fits seamlessly into the application-specific M-TestSystem for multiple test phases.

JOT M1 Test Handler

Maximal testing capacity. Minimal footprint design. Major production line win.

JOT M1 Test Handler-1
JOT M1 Test Handler-2
JOT M1 Test Handler-3

The M1 Test Handler was created to provide a simple and cost-effective way to automate PCB testing. For smaller companies, the M1 offers a quick, easy, and affordable path to automated testing. For larger companies, the M1 makes ramping up production pain-free by allowing you to test prototypes in a low-volume production capacity.

Don’t extend your production line, expand it.

The M1 Test Handler is extremely easy to deploy and operate. But best of all, the M1 is truly scalable, giving you the ability, and test capacity, to cope with changing volumes as your business grows and your testing needs change.

M1 & M10 – Made for each other

As more test phases are required, multiple M1 Test Handlers may be deployed in-line, or, when utilized in the fully automated M–TestSystem, the same test boxes may be stacked in the M10 Handler. That means you can expand your production line without having to extend it.  

M1 Highlights

  • Simple and Cost-effective way to automate PCB testing
  • Truly scalable to suit your needs
  • Fully automated in-line or off-line use
  • Reusable – to scale up volumes, the test box can be used in both M1 and M10 handlers
  • Simple ON/OFF operation
  • Spacious service-friendly construction

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Standard features
  • Infeed conveyor with stopper
  • Ventilated space for test instruments
  • Conveyor frame can be turned down during
  • fixture change
  • Pass through mode
  • Manual mode for service operations
  • Dry run mode for system verification
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Performance statistics in GUI
  • Service counter in GUI
  • ESD-safe design
  • CE-safety compliant
Optional features
  • Product serial code reading integrated inside the handler
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Return conveyor
  • M1 rack customization, e.g. test instrument integration
  • Tested product bypass option (in-feed buffer)

JOT M1 Test Handler product video

M - stands for modularity

The core idea of the innovative M-TestSystem is to provide a testing solution that is easily adaptable to a variety of production requirements. Product handling is an important part of the M-TestSystem and it’s specifically designed for system scalability. And because all application-specific features are housed inside each easily tailored M-TestBox, the nature of the test process may be adapted dramatically – simply by changing the box.

"One of the key innovations that both simplified and accelerated product movement inside the handler was the M1 conveyor." - Mika Puttonen, Product Manager


The test handler that's built for growth.

Learn more about the handler that makes automated test handling easy. Click to download the datasheet for more detailed product specifications.