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JOT G3 Final Tester

All-in-one, one-for-all. A single platform for the final testing of smartphones and wearables.

The desktop cell, packed with applications into a tiny footprint, enables fully automated final testing of mechanical, RF, electrical, audio and visual interfaces in less than 80 seconds. The JOT G3 is capable of running all the required DUT interface tests in a repeatable and reliable environment.

The all-in-one final tester with a small footprint of 0.25 m² minimizes the test time by parallel testing. The JOT G3 comes with an RF and audio shielded test chamber, also making it an ideal test environment for performance testing in demanding mass manufacturing. Product-specific adapters, easy test system integration, and fast deployment to a global factory network also position it as the first choice from the total cost point of view. 

Key features
  • All-in-one final tester with small foot print 0.25 m2
  • Enables functional testing in less than 80 seconds
  • Minimizes the amount of test equipment and the handling time
  • RF and audio shielded test chamber
  • Minimizes product specific costs with product specific adapter
  • Parallel testing for minimizing test time
  • Platform independent test system integration
  • Teach on one, deploy to many approach minimizes waste time in new product introduction
Standard features
  • Ambient light source for ALS testing
  • Light-cube for front camera blemish testing
  • Integrated speaker for DUT microphone testing
  • Integrated microphone with low-leak coupler for main speaker testing
  • Artificial finger for touch testing
  • Robot finger magazine for automatic finger type change
  • Integrated data acquisition (DAQ) card for signal generation and analyzing
  • HTTP Control interface (C# Client API)
  • Control based on ‘move’ and ‘routing’ commands
  • Dynamic script loading
  • Operator and maintenance operating modes
Optional features
  • Machine vision camera
  • Vision test SW for verifying screen and camera functionality
  • Integrated DUT power / battery simulator