The JOT M1 Test Handler. You asked for it. You got it.

— 2 May 2018

Can your test handler handle what the JOT M1 Test Handler handles?

It may be a mouthful but it’s a question worth asking.

JOT Automation, a leader in automated test and assembly solutions for over 30 years, will debut its M1 Test Handler. What the M1 promises companies that require PCB testing may best be explained by the story that led to the product’s creation. It’s not a long story, but there is a recurring character: JOT’s customers. Because if there’s one thing JOT does well, it’s listening to the needs of its customers, and then quickly developing a solution that meets those needs.

Product manager Mika Puttonen recalls the feedback he’d received at one exhibition in particular. Though the JOT M10 test handling system was being utilized by some of the industry’s leading smart product manufacturers, small- to medium-size company operators were concerned that the M10 might be “too much machine” for their needs, or not in line with their budget. Mika explained, “They loved the M10 concept. They knew that JOT simplified automated testing for the industry’s biggest players, they knew about JOT’s durability, but I kept hearing that some companies only needed one to three test boxes. And I thought, How can we solve this?”

Like every good business, the M1 is built for growth.

As Mika and the JOT team sought a solution based on their prospective customers’ feedback, they wanted to be sure they covered every aspect of the problem. “We heard and understood the perspective of these smaller companies. Like most everything we’ve developed over the past three decades, we knew the solution had to be simple, durable, and cost-effective, especially for the smaller companies who are just getting into line testing,” said Mika.

But there’s something else the JOT team considered that led to the creation of M1, something many of us know about small businesses: Small businesses often grow into big businesses. “Hearing from those customers who only needed one to three test spaces told us how important scalability was. Of course, scalability has always been a driver of our innovations, but focusing on the need for fewer test spaces helped lead to the creation, and modular nature, of the M-TestBox itself,” said Mika.


"One of the key innovations that both simplified and accelerated product movement inside the handler was the M1 conveyor. The conveyor ensures smooth and dependable product handling and eliminates the need for a product-specific gripper." - Mika Puttonen, Product manager

The M-TestBox. Modular means scalable.

The M-TestBox offers easy and cost-effective entry into automated PCB testing. Because it’s modular, it may be utilized in both off-line and fully automated in-line applications. Its spacious, service-friendly ergonomic construction offers unparalleled accessibility. Plus, M-TestBoxes were designed to be reusable – yet another positive for small- to medium-sized companies.

Mika added, “The M-TestBox is fully independent and application-specific. It can be used in both the M1 and M10 Test Handlers. That’s in direct response to our customers’ requests. And it means that when our customers need to ramp up production, the M-TestBox they already know and trust will be ready for them. Being able to offer both independent, smaller-scale testing and costs-effective scalability for future growth is a solution that we’re quite proud of.”  

M1 & M10 – Built to work together. Built to suit your specific needs.

If or when you require more test phases, multiple M1 Test Handlers may be easily deployed in-line. Or, when utilized in the fully automated M10 Test Line System, simply stack the same M-TestBoxes in the compatible M10 Handler. Mika adds, “At JOT we like to say, ‘Don’t extend your production line. Expand it.’ Creating our modular ‘M’ system, recognizing our customers’ limited factory footprints, giving our customers the ability, and test capacity, to manage changing volumes as their businesses grow and their testing needs change is what JOT is all about. We’re flexible because our customers’ businesses demand flexible solutions.”

If you’re just getting into automated testing, or if traditional test systems aren’t delivering the modularity and cost-effective scalability your business needs, stay tuned for the release of the M1 Test Handler. It may well be the first and last test handler you’ll ever need.

M1 Test Handler Highlights
  • Simple, cost-effective automated PCB testing
  • Application-specific flexibility  
  • Scalable for increased and varied production demands
  • Fully automated in-line or off-line use
  • Reusable M-TestBoxes compatible with M1 and M10 Test Handlers
  • Spacious, ergonomic service-friendly construction
  • Convenient ON/OFF operation
  • No time- or space-consuming re-cabling required
  • Modular M-TestBox may be used manually and individually without an automatic handler

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