JOT sets up an office in Silicon Valley

— 3 July 2014

JOT Automation Ltd, Press Release, 3 July 2014

JOT Automation, the leading supplier of test and production solutions, meets the automation boom and grows even more customer-centric in North America by opening an office in Silicon Valley. The office will be located in the heart of the tech community serving global consumer electronics’ key accounts based in the area.

The company has started to recruit key resources. In addition to key account management, sales, marketing and technical support, the site focus will be on bringing JOT’s state-of-the-art technology as close as possible to its customers.

Silicon Valley operations will be ramped up by Lauri Antila, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company established an office in San Diego a few years ago, and this is a natural continuation to its success.

"This is just the right time for us to establish a new office in the US. The megatrends are driving our growth opportunities especially in this region. The robotics revolution is happening,” says Lauri Antila.

“Smart phones, wearable electronics, new life science technologies, and the Internet of Things bring electronics to every area of our lives and multiply the manufacturing volumes of smarter devices. At the same time hand-made in Asia won’t last, automated manufacturing will take its place in Asia, and we are witnessing an electronics manufacturing renaissance on American soil,” details Lauri Antila.

“Increasing numbers of new hardware innovations are being born in the Valley. Hardware is the new software, and the hardware needs to be manufactured. As part of this trend, big players are seeking automated manufacturing solutions to be competitive. Our solutions are the key to turn our customers’ innovations into globally desired smart products,” concludes Antila.

"The new outpost in Silicon Valley proves that we are serious about our strategy and it also provides us with a way to be better plugged into the flow of innovations. Moreover, JOT's broadened footprint supports our business development in new growth markets and strengthens our brand awareness in the Americas.”

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