JOT Recertified: High-performance products at affordable prices

— 17 May 2019

Recertified brings you high-quality JOT products at affordable prices.

JOT Director of Operations & After Sales, Pasi Röppänen, tells more about the efforts we are making to refurbish decommissioned equipment sustainably. 

Last year, we launched JOT Asset Recovery Solutions, or more familiarly the JOT Recertified program, to offer more flexibility for your production needs. The Recertified Program helps you tackle budgetary challenges and production spikes while keeping a better grip on operational costs – in short, it is a smarter and more sustainable way to utilize the high-performance JOT equipment our customers have been relying on for decades.

The JOT certified pre-owned equipment offers the best of both worlds: industry-leading performance and incredible savings. Read below our interview with Pasi Röppänen, Director of Operations & After Sales, to find out what the Recertified Program is all about and how you can benefit from it. 

Pasi, in a nutshell, what exactly is the Recertified program?

In the Recertified program, we refurbish JOT Board Handling Products from stock, and deliver products for our European customers. Essentially, we are able to provide our customers with the high-quality JOT products they’re accustomed to at a more affordable price point. The program is part of our ongoing efforts for a more sustainable way of doing business and minimizing waste, and we want to help our customers share that vision as well. 

How can manufacturers benefit from the program? 

The Recertified program provides a cost competitive option to make investment decisions quickly and update material handling machines in production line within our 12 month warranty. You get as-good-as-new products at slashed prices. 

What is the condition of the refurbished equipment? 

All JOT equipment go through comprehensive health-check and test procedures before customer delivery. We ensure everything is working as intended, assess the quality of parts and replace them if necessary and run tests against our uncompromising reference values.

What about the warranty? 

All refurbished products have a full 12 month warranty that covers everything you would get with a new product.

What inspired you to refurbish old equipment?

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and with over 10 thousand products delivered for customers. We have noticed a growing trend of old JOT board handling products being operated and circulating in the second-hand market. That’s why we wanted to provide a safe option to customers so that they can trust the original manufacturer of the product it knows best. So we wanted to make sure that those products are reliable and customers are able get refurbished products back to production quickly.

I’m interested in the bottom line. How much am I able to save with recertified, roughly speaking?

This is an interesting question. One of the most important questions for our customers to consider when investing in new equipment is of course the cost and total cost of ownership. With refurbished products, you are able to save roughly 50% compared to a brand new product, not to mention the shorter lead time of only 1-2 weeks. 


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