JOT provides more manufacturing capacity to Tandem Diabetes Care to US

— 3 April 2014

JOT Automation Ltd, Press Release, 3 April 2014

JOT Automation, the global manufacturer of test and production solutions, has received significant new orders from medical device company, Tandem Diabetes Care Inc. JOT Automation will supply automated micro factory solutions over the next 18 months to San Diego, California.

The manufacturing solution developed for Tandem Diabetes Care is based on JOT Automation’s robotic desktop assembly IDeA (Intelligent Desktop Automation) platform. JOT’s novel solution is used in the assembly of the cartridges used with the t:slim® Insulin Pump.

The t:slim Insulin Pump is the first insulin pump with a touch screen, the footprint of a credit card and the look of a smart phone. Tandem Diabetes Care launched the t:slim Insulin Pump in 2012.

Jorma Venäläinen, Business Line Director of Life Sciences at JOT Automation, says: “Life science companies are seeing manufacturing as a critical and essential asset and are investing more and more in automation. Companies need solutions to increase manufacturing capacity and quality cost effectively and to speed up development cycles. The importance of automation technology has never been more relevant.”

“JOT sees micro factory solutions as a growing trend, and we are expecting a significant growth rate for our strategically important life science business. With our mass production know-how, originating from the telecom industry, JOT is becoming a leading name in the life science industry and will expand its presence in the industry in the near future. A lot of exciting things are happening in the US for us at the moment”, says Jorma Venäläinen.

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