JOT provides maximal capacity in minimal footprint for the networked production of industrial electronics

— 5 October 2015

JOT Automation Ltd, Press Release, October 5, 2015

JOT Automation, the leading supplier of test and production solutions, reinforces its position as a preferred automation partner for the mass manufacturing of industrial electronics by introducing compact test and assembly solutions meeting high capacity and reliability requirements.  The company is introducing the JOT M10 Test Solution, JOT V4 Assembly Cell, JOT F1C Laser Marker and JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell at the productronica show in Germany.

“It is a straightforward task to connect our smart automation to different kinds of production environments and monitor them remotely in real time. The world of production will become more and more networked. Our solutions will be a perfect match even with the future smart factories of Industry 4.0 realizing a true interoperability between products, machines, humans and global factory networks,” says Ville Vatanen, Business Line Director at JOT Automation.

All JOT solutions are modular and easily adaptable to various applications. The most suitable modules can be flexibly and cost-effectively picked to current use. There’s no need to buy features not needed in a production at the time.

“The reusability of JOT platforms is close to 90 per cent, allowing machine functionality to be easily fine-tuned for future use cases and volume needs, providing clear benefits from the total cost and environmental points of view.”

Robust JOT equipment comes with easy-to-learn, easy-to-use human-machine interfaces making the portfolio an ideal choice for fast-paced mass manufacturing. The automated JOT test and assembly solutions enable electronics brands to ship ever smarter and smaller devices in the time-to-market with superior quality and lower costs from anywhere in the world.

The company is showcasing the key features of the JOT M10 Test Solution, JOT V4 Assembly Cell, JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell and JOT F1C Laser Marker for the industrial electronics market at productronica in Munich on November 10-13, 2015. Visit JOT Automation at Hall A3 Stand 415.

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JOT Automation in brief:
JOT Automation changes the way smart products are manufactured. JOT creates the smartest value with automated test and assembly solutions for smart devices. JOT offers customizable production solutions based on the best applications and modules to enable ultimate designs and performance in minimal forms. The company is a global partner for the industry giants manufacturing smartphones and wearables powered by all the major mobile operating systems.