JOT Buy-back: Recoup top value for your decommissioned equipment

— 5 June 2019

JOT Buy-back program helps you recycle decommissioned equipment for top value. 

JOT Director of Operations & After Sales, Pasi Röppänen, sheds light on our on-going efforts to help our customers recycle old equipment with the buy-back program. 

Near the end of last year, JOT Automation launched a buy-back program for old decommissioned equipment as part of the JOT Recertified program. Now, 6 months and nearly 60 restored and sold products later, we wanted to take a look back and interview Pasi Röppänen, Director of Operations & After Sales to see what the Buy-Back program is all about, and what it offers to our customers.

Pasi, what is the Buy-back program all about?

In the Buy-back program, we buy selected used JOT material handling products back to JOT for refurbishment. Customers can either sell the products to us directly, or the equipment value can be used as a credit towards purchasing brand new equipment, so it’s easy to upgrade production line equipment and get rid of the old ones at the same time.

So instead of turning decommissioned equipment to waste, customers can send it to JOT in a sustainable way without having to take care of the recycling themselves?

Yes, it is a good thing to ask us whether your board handling products are eligible for our Buy-back program before discarding them. The process is really simple and straight-forward.

Why did you decide to take the effort to launch the Buy-Back program?

Customer feedback matters to us and we actually got a lot of requests in the past about whether we would be interested to buy old JOT products back. Why not? We have in the business for over 30 years and have delivered thousands of products that are still in use today. We want to delight both new and old customers with refurbished products and help companies replace old equipment.

What about the terms, do I have to buy a new product when I sell old equipment back to JOT?

Not at all! We are also willing to buy old equipment back without new product sales. It’s really up to the customer.

If I want to recycle my old JOT product back, how do I go about it? 

You can contact your JOT contact person or head over to the Recertified website. You can also reach us at directly. Just fill in the details and we will review your product eligibility and handle the rest.