JOT Automation signs distribution agreement with WKK

— 26 August 2014

Speeds up time-to-market and brings economies of scale

JOT Automation Ltd, Press Release, 26 August 2014

JOT Automation, the leading supplier of test and production solutions, and WKK Distribution, the leading distributor of electronic capital equipment, materials and services in Asia, have today signed a 3-year distribution agreement at the NEPCON South China exhibition in Shenzhen.

Under the terms of the agreement, WKK Distribution will act as a lead distributor of JOT Automation products for Asia-Pacific. The partnership will focus on JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell, JOT Router, JOT Tiny Test Handler, JOT G3 Final Tester, JOT M10 Functional Test Solution, JOT IDeA, JOT Vision Inspection Cell and material handling products.

"We know that manufacturing in China and Asia will require a great deal of automation in order to keep the leadership position also in the future. Because of this partnership, we are very confident that both WKK Distribution and JOT Automation will be very successful. It's the right partnership at the right time," emphasises Hamed Hassan El-Abd, CEO, WKK Distribution.

“It is an honour to partner with a company like WKK Distribution, JOT could not have a better partner for winning over the Asian market. WKK is well positioned, a global-scale player. We are looking forward to great business opportunities for both companies from this agreement since fully-automated manufacturing will take its place,” says Matti Leirimaa, General Manager, JOT Automation Beijing.

“More importantly, our partnership will instantly benefit our end-customers, electronics device manufacturers, by speeding up the time to market and bringing economies of scale.”

Further information:

Matti Leirimaa, General Manager, JOT Automation Beijing
Tel: 138 1052 3410 |

JOT Automation Ltd. in brief:
JOT Automation is driven by a passion to develop and manufacture test and production solutions for mobile devices, components and electronics. JOT Automation offers product platforms to solve versatile volume manufacturing challenges in the most cost-effective manner. The company is a global partner for several industry leading companies in the telecom, automotive and life science industries. The Company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a global presence covering 14 countries.

WKK Distribution Ltd. in brief:
WKK Distribution Ltd. has been a leading supplier of capital equipment and materials for the electronics industry in China and South East Asia for over 37 years. WKK Distribution Ltd is a subsidiary of Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd. The investment holding company trades in and distributes chemicals, materials, and equipment for the use in manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic products. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.