JOT Automation opens a new site in Shenzhen to increase its presence in Asia

— 19 March 2014

JOT Automation Ltd, Press Release, 20 March, 2014

JOT Automation, the leading supplier of test and production solutions, has today announced its commitment to expanding its Asian presence through the establishment of a new design and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, Southern China, broadening its geographic market presence and overall customer diversity.

The facility will be located in the Bao An district, logistically placed for ease of distribution and within the heart of south China’s global electronic manufacturing hub. The development of the factory will enable JOT Automation to significantly increase its production capacity to match its growth ambition in Asia.

With an automation boom due to the increase in more complex products, growing production volumes, higher wages and price erosion in automation technologies, the move to expand in Asia was an obvious one. Many companies house their R&D departments in Shenzhen, so an establishment within this area is important for JOT Automation to ensure initial involvement in projects, and the ability to offer tailored solutions to customers.

Matti Leirimaa, General Manager for JOT Automation Beijing explained the facility’s significance; “The increase in the sale of smart devices, and an expanded product range has seen the expansion into South China. The move will allow us to efficiently cater to the growing demand for automated manufacturing solutions.”

“JOT Automation has been operationally present in China for over 13 years, and by opening a new facility in Shenzhen we will be closer to our customers and can better adapt our products to their needs and preferences, as well as being able to serve our customers ‘face-to-face’ ensuring a fast response. The new facility will strengthen our relationships in China and help to grow our presence and customer service effectiveness.”

“This is an important development for JOT Automation as it expands production capabilities for our Asian customers. The new facility not only helps us to diversify our customer base, but focus on those customers and markets which exhibit good growth characteristics. It will support the continued production of automation technologies and will allow us to introduce our extensive portfolio. With sustained sales growth and the introduction of a larger product range, JOT’s presence in China will develop. This investment is a further signal of our long term commitment to Asia.”

Production at the 1300 m2Shenzhen site has begun and these volumes will be increased progressively throughout the year, with full capacity in use by the end of 2014.

The facility will also combine a demo room housing JOT Automation’s extensive product portfolio. This will allow customers to see first-hand the capability of the products by enabling simulations. Unlike a traditional showroom, it offers inspiration and is a place to discuss, in detail, specific customer requirements.

Further information:

Matti Leirimaa
General Manager
JOT Automation Beijing
Tel: +86 138 1052 3410