JOT Automation launches an all-in-one handset testing solution

— 25 February 2013

JOT Automation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of production and test solutions for the telecom, electronics, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries is ready to launch its innovative ‘all in one’ automated solution for handset final testing.

JOT G3, a new and improved device to its predecessor JOT G2.5, enables fully automatic tests on handsets in a repeatable and reliable environment, helping to maximise capacity and quality with low labour costs.

The new device will be showcased for the first time at the USA Apex Expo, and can execute multiple tests in an ‘all in one’ single platform and enables fully automated examination of mechanical, RF, electrical, audio, and visual interfaces of handsets.

Janne Niva, director for Telecom Business Line at JOT Automation Ltd said: “JOT G3 will help manufacturers save time and money.”

“G3 has a simple and quick product change over, together with an in-expensive product specific adaptor.”

Additional key features of JOT G3 include testing capability for connection interfaces like USB’s  and common handset features like light sensors, proximity sensors and vibration.