JOT Automation celebrates 25 years at the top

— 7 October 2013

Year 2013 marks the 25th anniversary for JOT Automation, having spent decades as one of the leading suppliers of production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries.

Since its inception in 1988 by Veikko Lesonen, the company has grown to be a global leader in its field. Due to the rapid development in ​​mobile telecommunications during the 80’s, Veikko Lesonen founded JOT Automation using his knowledge and experience, to develop automated testing devices and supplying equipment to leading mobile phone manufacturers, among others.

The company grew through the years and reinforced its presence in the fast growing Asian economies of China. In 2003 the company was bought by Elektrobit then in 2007 by the German Rohwedder. In 2011, Jot Automation was bought back by the company founder. Today it is part of Head Invest Group, a Finnish industrial company owned by Veikko Lesonen and his family. With close to employees, the company operates in 13 countries, on four continents

Veikko Lesonen, said: “This is a 25 year success story for a Finnish company.  JOT Automation is very successful in its field and highly regarded by users in many industries. The company has continued to develop innovative automated solutions for a variety of different industries.

“We have a wealth of knowledge and experience which makes our company so successful. We supply an incomparable service to customers globally, with JOT’s key strategy to listen to customers and provide the best possible service. Proof of this is receiving the respected international Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award.

“To celebrate our 25th anniversary, and our recent award win, we are looking forward to welcoming colleagues from around the world to show them first-hand the positive impact JOT Automation is having on test and production solutions for intelligent products, components and electronics and manufactures, with a very special 25th anniversary event.”

JOT will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 11 October in Oulu.