Flexmill becomes an independent company - JOT continues as a minority owner

— 27 July 2017

Flexmill Ltd’s customers are international aerospace, marine and energy industry giants.

A new high technology growth company was established in Finland when Flexmill, formerly a JOT Automation business unit, became an independent company as the result of a business transaction. The business unit’s core team transferred to the new company at the same time.

The Finnish capital investment company Verso Ventures is the majority owner of Flexmill Ltd. JOT Automation will continue to be a minority owner in Flexmill. Flexmill operated as part of JOT Automation for 10 years before becoming independent.

Flexmill is an international growth company and its customers are aerospace, marine and energy industry giants. Flexmill combines robotics, machine vision and sensor and software technology in mechanical engineering and automates critical phases of manufacturing. For example, finishing the surfaces of different components in the aerospace industry requires a high level of precision. The personnel is simultaneously protected from harmful work phases and substances.

Flexmill’s headquarters is in Nurmijärvi and it has a sales office in Singapore, which is one of the most important aerospace industry clusters in the world. Petri Kosonen will continue as the company’s managing director.