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JOT G5 Plus Final Tester

Maximal testing capacity. Minimal footprint design. Major production line win.

The G5+ is an excellent solution for:

  • RF testing
  • Audio testing
  • Camera testing with lights and targets
  • Display & touch testing by vision camera and test fingers
  • Buttons testing with data management for different purposes
  • Energy management testing
  • Sensors testing without modules 
  • Data and communication interfaces testing
  • Multimedia interfaces testing
  • Inspections (e.g. keypad lights & symbols)
  • Sensors testing
  • And much more

The tester with a tool belt.

Another great feature of the G5+ is its innovative robot tool magazine and sensor, which are active tools that simplify, and speed up, the execution of multiple concurrent tests in a single platform. Throw in a space-saving footprint design and a shielded audio test chamber, and you have a tester that provides exceptional and repeatable performance testing in the most demanding manufacturing lines.

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  • Simple and Cost-effective way to automate PCB testing
  • Truly scalable to suit your needs
  • Fully automated in-line or off-line use
  • Reusable – to scale up volumes, the test box can be used in both M1 and M10 handlers
  • Simple ON/OFF operation
  • Spacious service-friendly construction
  • Ethernet for the tester control
  • RF-shielded chamber
  • Sliding door for product handling
    › Possibility for robot feeding
  • Integrated ADC/DAC for analog signal analyzing, signal generation and DC-measurements
  • Easy software integration with RESTful API and open source client implementations with .NET/C#, python and LabVIEW
  • Performance statics and service counter for machine maintenance
  • Platform independent Test Sequencer integration
  • CE-safety compliant
  • Audio isolation
  • Vision test enviroment
  • Configurable PSP interface
  • Cartesian Robot with x-, y-, and z-axels
    ›› Support intrerpolation
    ›› Support tool changer functionality
    ›› Active and passive tools
    ›› Active and passive tool magazine
    ›› Different tools according customer needs
  • Possibility to add camera for Vision inspection
  • General interface for External Data
  • Acquisition (DAQ) Card for signal
  • generation and analyzing
  • External Data Acquisition (DAQ) Card for signal generation and analyzing
    ›› General Interface
  • DUT Interfaces:
    ›› RF lines
    ›› GigE Ethernet
    ›› USB 3.0 with USB Type-C functionality
    ›› HDMI
    ›› Expanded according customer requirements
  • Integrated Power supply
    ›› Up to four isolated high current output voltages
    ›› Precision current measurement, source and sink
  • Instrument Rack
    ›› 11 U space for 19" instument