JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell-1

JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell

No component is too odd for us. Automatic placement of odd-shaped components out of the standard SMT machines’ range.

Over a hundred different kinds of component types have been assembled with the JOT Odd Shape Assembly Cell, and the number is growing. The solution has the minimized footprint of 1.4 m², yet feeds in parallel up to 5 different components to provide high productivity while keeping up with superior accuracy and reliability in demanding production conditions.

The reusability of the platform and feeders is close to 80%, allowing the platform to grow and adapt with future business needs. The same cell is easily expandable to automate over 20 different processes and configurable to versatile applications like screw insertion, soldering, laser marking, labeling and packaging.

Key features
  • Well-equipped to handle all components regardless the shape
  • +100 different component types already assembled
  • The most cost efficient solution
  • Best-in-class on accuracy and reliability in demanding production conditions
  • Product lifetime +25 years
  • Close to 80% reusability of platform and feeders
  • Minimized footprint 1.4 m² and yet feeding parallel up to 5 different components
  • Easily expandable to automate +20 different processes
Standard features
  • Active and passive clinching
  • High precision mechanical tools
  • Gripper presence detection
  • Component presence sensing
  • Insertion tests
  • Easily configurable to versatile applications
  • Applicable with different types of component feeders and grippers
  • Automatic tool exchange system
  • Easy set up with graphical user interface
Optional features
  • Transport direction from right to left
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Conveyor speed adjustment
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Bar code or 2D reader