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JOT M10 Test Concept

Maximal test capacity, minimal footprint. True scalability by application-specific test boxes, handlers and racks. Just pick the most suitable modules.

Scalable, modular and cost-effective solution for PCB-level functional and ICT testing, flashing and RF-tuning of smart devices and industrial electronics. The M10 consists of test boxes, handlers, and racks. The modular system architecture enables easy adaptation to production volume variations during a product's life cycle and also between the production lines and factories.

The M10 concept is application-independent and still application-oriented. Each test box has a dedicated area for application-specific electronics and product-specific fixturing. The very same application-specific test box can be used off-line e.g. in R&D or the pre-production phase and later taken to volume production simply by integrating boxes to the M10 handler without any modifications to the boxes, securing efficient and swift production ramp ups.

The M10 handling process is defined by SW recipes. A recipe is a kind of map for the device to be tested. This kind of architecture gives high flexibility over the product's lifetime and ensures system reusability with next-generation products.

Key features
  • Next-generation test concept with easily tailored test boxes
  • Plug-and-play test boxes for off-line and fully automated in-line use
  • Wide range of application specific test boxes
  • Two handler versions M10 and M10X
  • Handling process defined by SW recipe providing high flexibility and reusability
  • Always-connected with the web-based handler and line UI
  • Handling time minimized by multigripping
  • Smooth material flow with the dual-rail conveyor
  • Product identification built-in or at the external unit
  • Centralized DUT routing with test jig balancing
  • Easily scalable to production volume changes
  • Automated in-line calibration without production interruptions
Standard features
  • 32U space for test boxes and instruments
  • Handler conveyor track height SMEMA or 350mm
  • Different types of grippers available
  • Manipulator with X, Y, and Z axes
  • Compatible with JOT material handling solutions
  • CE safety compliant
  • ESD-safe design
Optional features
  • Automated handler width adjustment
  • Automated product identification
  • Automated fail separation