JOT Battery Assembly Solution

Speed, precision and scalability to every battery assembly line.

JOT brings speed, precision and scalability to every battery assembly line

JOT Automation’s industry-leading Battery Assembly solution is a fully complete, turnkey solution for EV battery assembly. Highlights include automated unpacking of incoming material, testing, welding applications and final-product testing. The Battery Assembly solution is built precisely to each customer’s requirements and preferences. And thanks to its unique modular design – the hallmark of all JOT products – your options for control are virtually limitless.

The Battery Assembly solution can be equipped with an array of options, including unpacking, waste disposal, electrical testing, enclosure & casing assembly, PCB assembly, laser welding and final-product testing. Plus the solution's compartmentalized design ensures high-grade fire safety to keep its processes and surroundings safe.

High-grade testing solution for prismatic, cylindrical and pouch batteries

Custom built for your assembly line

All-in-one solution tailored per your every requirement

The sky’s the limit

Built-in electrical testing plus expandability for welding and final product testing

Good to grow

Full-scale, production-ready solution with buffering capability and automatic fail sorting

JOT Battery Assembly Solution

The fully customizable turnkey solution for EV battery assembly

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JOT Battery Assembly Solution-2

The JOT Battery Test Solution is made for EV battery assembly. Tailor-made, in fact, per your exact requirements. The beauty of every JOT solution is that your assembly line needs come first. We know you need speed and accuracy across your entire production line. Whether it’s material handling, assembly capabilities or final-product testing, we’ve got you covered. Need to ramp up production quickly? We’ve got your back there too with JOT’s trademark modular design that provides unrivaled scalability.

Key features:

  • Fully comprehensive solution for automated battery assembly
  • Modular design with options for material handling and testing, including assembly, welding and final-product testing
  • Built-in electrical testing 
  • Buffering capability 
  • Automatic fail sorting
  • Laser welding 
  • High-grade safety

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A battery assembly solution designed for precision. And for growth.

JOT built its reputation on speed, precision and scalability. When the world’s leading manufacturers need a solution, they turn to JOT. Not only for assembly and testing, but also for its industry-leading modular-design thinking. Not to mention the way JOT always has your bottom line in mind. With a JOT customisable solution, you get every assembly and testing capability you may need, without having to pay for features you don’t. 

"It's a total assembly solution built from the ground-up" - Kimmo Kilpeläinen, Global Key Account Manager


We know why JOT is the industry’s smartest EV battery assembly line solution. Now it’s your turn.

Learn what makes the JOT Battery Test solution a reliable and cost-effective solution for your production line. Click to download our datasheet for more detailed product specifications.