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Our offering ranges from desktop cells used in LEAN environment to fully automated production lines. Our record line length is roughly 100 meters but usually we manage with much less. Microfactory solutions are a growing trend.

Our scope includes high precision assembly, pick and place, dispensing, screw insertion, plasma treatment, laser marking, heat staking and ultrasonic welding. With the growing popularity for automated solutions, the ease of use with modern user interfaces is a key factor. Utilizing machine vision and innovative feeder and gripper solutions, we minimize the need for product-specific hardware – and life cycle costs.



Desktop micro assembly automation for small, performance-critical components and high accuracy.



Running production with JOT solutions is convenient and easy to learn.





JOT V4 Assembly Cell+

Modular desktop platform for precision assembly of small, performance-critical parts like cameras, speakers, microphones, vibras and touch screens. The solution is applicable for dozens of applications, and easily adaptable for different assembly and volume needs.



Press release

A Lean Desktop Robot For Focused Plasma Treatment+

JOT400 Plasma Cell with a programmable path control system is designed for focused plasma treatment. It performs cold plasma pre-treatment to areas where is needed to gain a high-quality tape or glue joint, leaving easily harmed touchscreens untouched. This generates less costly scrap in the display gluing process.

JOT400 Plasma Cell Datasheet

"JOT’s Desktop Robot Enables Focused Plasma Treatment"- Press Release

A Lean Desktop Robot For Focused Plasma Treatment


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